Trump Rally Cash Bar Marks Up Coke 358 Percent

Taxes are included. Profits will be considerable.

Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Looks like Donald Trump’s celebration rally is going to be a doozy. Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank’s snapshot of the cash bar from the Hilton New York offers a bleak preview of the party to come, which will feature $10 domestic beers and $11 imported beers, a real slap in the face to those concerned about the outsourcing of American industry.

On the plus side for American business, sodas are going for $7. And in case you’re wondering, taxes — which in New York City amount to about 26 cents per gallon — are included. Still, the math doesn’t work out. The average cost of an imported beer in New York City is $7. The average cost of a domestic beer is $6. The average cost of a Coke is $1.95. This proves that either Trump is bad for markets or a genius at marketing — likely both.

It’s unclear at this point whether the wine will be red or white, though both those colors traditionally go over well with a Republican crowd. The party, which seems like it will be fluorescent light themed, will be the last in a campaign-long series of hotel bar drinking events. It will either be a joyful coda or a lubed up wake. Either way, it will be expensive.

Drowning your sorrows tonight will cost a pretty penny and then some.

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