Looks like Donald Trump’s celebration rally is going to be a doozy. Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank’s snapshot of the cash bar from the Hilton New York offers a bleak preview of the party to come, which will feature $10 domestic beers and $11 imported beers, a real slap in the face to those concerned about the outsourcing of American industry.

On the plus side for American business, sodas are going for $7. And in case you’re wondering, taxes — which in New York City amount to about 26 cents per gallon — are included. Still, the math doesn’t work out. The average cost of an imported beer in New York City is $7. The average cost of a domestic beer is $6. The average cost of a Coke is $1.95. This proves that either Trump is bad for markets or a genius at marketing — likely both.

It’s unclear at this point whether the wine will be red or white, though both those colors traditionally go over well with a Republican crowd. The party, which seems like it will be fluorescent light themed, will be the last in a campaign-long series of hotel bar drinking events. It will either be a joyful coda or a lubed up wake. Either way, it will be expensive.


Drowning your sorrows tonight will cost a pretty penny and then some.

Photos via Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Tanya Basu is the Science editor at Inverse. Her writing focuses on the social sciences and behavior. Now based in Brooklyn, she will always call Chicago home and never be too full for one more taco.