We Finally Know the Shocking Truth Behind 'Candle Cove'


The big, haunting question running through all of Syfy’s dread-filled new horror series, Channel Zero: Candle Cove, is just what horrible force is behind the titular evil puppet show that’s driving kids to murder. Turns out, we’ve might’ve been looking at it backwards this whole time.

According to Mrs. Booth’s exposition dump in the penultimate episode of the season, she’s not the one behind Candle Cove, as we started to suspect in the last episode when she orchestrated Jessica’s death. Instead, Mike’s twin brother Eddie created the show. He wasn’t corrupted by its evil powers — Eddie had them all along, and he manifested Candle Cove as part of some ominous plan.

When Mike killed Eddie, he put a stop to Candle Cove and the rest of the supernatural occurrences, but not before Eddie created a worshiper in Mrs. Booth. Back in 1988, Eddie used his mind control abilities to stop Mrs. Booth from having a stroke, and she instantly was in awe of his grand powers to the extent that she willingly sacrificed her son to strengthen Eddie.

Candle Cove is back because Mrs. Booth has been trying to revive Eddie this whole time by feeding him more victims (or fuel for the fire, as she called it.) She, though, can only do so much. Eddie needs to truly be reborn, and the way she plans on doing that is by transforming his twin, Mike, into Eddie … extra tooth and all.

Mike thought about killing his daughter because he's falling under Eddie's influence. 


We’ve already seen that Mike is starting to succumb to Eddie’s influences (he fantasized about killing his daughter), and now he has to save her from Candle Cove’s dark cave while also attempting to save himself.

It’s a surprisingly creepy twist that shows just how much Channel Zero has expanded upon the original creepypasta. We’ll find out next week if showrunner Nick Antosca can stick the landing.

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