'Candle Cove' Claims Its Biggest Victim Yet


There are now only two episodes left in Syfy’s Channel Zero: Candle Cove, and the demonic TV show has claimed it’s biggest character yet while quite possibly revealing the shadowy force behind all the horror.

At the end of the last episode, Mike’s daughter, Lily, showed up in Iron Hill without any explanation. It’s still unclear how she got there, but it sure seems like Lily’s being possessed by something claiming to be Mike’s dead twin, Eddie. Speaking through Lily, Eddie tells Mike how he can put a stop to all the death and madness that Candle Cove is inflicting upon the town: They have to burn his body.

Jessica, Mike’s childhood crush, wants to help. Through flashbacks, we learn how close the two were as kids, and it sure seems like Mike finally snapped and killed Eddie to prevent him from taking her to Candle Cove. Jessica helps Mike steal Eddie’s corpse from the morgue and they take it out into a field where the two watch it burn. It would almost be sweet if it wasn’t so deeply messed up.

Jessica and Mike in the warm glow of a burning child's corpse. 


After the cremation, Lily goes back to normal while Mike and Jessica almost share a moment. Everything is fixed.

Except, of course, it hasn’t been. While Mike and Jessica were off having a bonfire, a bunch of brainwashed kids were preparing to commit murder at the behest of Candle Cove. Or perhaps, it’s more accurate to say they were following Mrs. Booth’s orders. The creepy teacher who fed the Tooth Child molars and ripped out Daphne’s throat in the last episode appears to be behind a lot of the death and destruction that the latest season of Candle Cove unleashed. There are still a ton of mysteries, though. What are her goals? How did she get involved? (And did her stroke in 1988 have anything to do with it?) Is there a bigger, darker force powering her actions?

We’ll probably find out in the coming weeks, but Jessica won’t. She was brutally stabbed to death by the gang of masked kids while Mrs. Booth watched approvingly. Mike killed his twin to save Jessica’s life 30 years ago, but that didn’t stop Eddie — or some other evil spirit — from finishing the job.

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