Watch Iron Man Train Spider-Man in Marvel Video Comic Clip

Iron Man’s mentor relationship with Spider-Man was one of the brightest spots in Captain America: Civil War, and Marvel knows it. On Friday, the publisher released a 30-second preview of its video comic “Training Day — Part One,” in which Tony gives Spidey some tough love at the Stark compound.

While Marvel fans excitedly await Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marvel will continue to tease new material regarding its characters, in MCU-connected comics and storyboard-style animations like the one below. Spider-Man (Tom Holland, in the MCU films) was a welcome addition to the Avengers clan, primarily because his teenage values add a new — and refreshing — presence to the Marvel screen. Even in this animated clip, it’s clear that Tony, often a wisecracking funnyman himself, wants to kick some sense into Peter Parker before letting him loose as an Avenger.

As Tony, and many of the OG Avengers, get older, they’ve been taking on mentorship roles in both comics and onscreen projects, animated and live action. Tony, for his part, mentors Spider-Man in this Marvel project, but he’s also helping out Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, in Invincible Iron Man.

Just when Tony is about to use his suit remotely to beam light through a helpless Spider-Man, he relents, dropping Spidey to the ground in an exhausted pile. If any scenes in Homecoming have even half this intensity, the film will be absolutely fantastic.

Watch the full clip below, and keep an eye out for Spidey’s next big screen appearance in Homecoming, due in theaters July 7, 2017.

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