Marvel's Ghost Rider and Hulk Comic Crossover Looks Dope AF

Marvel Comics, Tradd Moore

Ghost Rider might be shredding it up on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but Robbie Reyes has been conspicuously absent from Marvel’s comic book universe for some time. That’s about to change. Reyes will return in an all-new Ghost Rider #1, and he’s going to team up with the Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho.

Robbie Reyes is the current Ghost Rider in the Marvel comics, replacing long-time flaming skull Johnny Blaze as the Marvel Universe’s newest spirit of vengeance. Working primarily around Los Angeles, Reyes first became Ghost Rider after a street race went wrong, and he was gunned down by a rogue mercenary group. The demonic soul that possessed Reyes turned out to have been a spirit named “Eli,” a serial killer forced to devour evil souls. Trading in Blaze’s hot rod for a souped up car, Reyes began protecting LA through Ghost Rider’s violent means, often incinerating the souls of criminals and gangsters threatening the city.

Ghost Rider #1 Cover

Marco Checcetto 

When an unknown, powerful object appears in Southern California, it attracts the notice of the Totally Awesome Hulk, aka Amadeus Cho. Marvel is teasing some big fireworks when the Hulk comes face-to-face with Ghost Rider on Robbie Reyes’s turf.

Marvel's All New Ghost Rider

Danilo Beyruth

In the meantime, it appears that Reyes is still raising his kid brother all by himself, while being dragged into the various criminal elements around Los Angeles.

Ghost Rider #1

Danilo Beyruth

The first volume of Ghost Rider starring Robbie Reyes featured gorgeous, expressionistic artwork that highlighted bold colors, and high speed action. The comic series could have easily been a Fast and Furious comic, only with a bolder art style.

Ghost Rider #1

Danilo Beyruth

And unlike Johnny Blaze, who is still a Ghost Rider somewhere in the Marvel Universe, Reyes’s spirit is a bit more malevolent, causing the hero to constantly fight with Eli in order to not go on killing rampages.

Ghost Rider #1

Tradd Moore

Robbie Reyes’s creator Felipe Smith is also introducing a brand new villain named Pyston Nitro who is being billed as Ghost Rider’s newest nemesis. With a name like that, she is either the Ghost Rider universe equivalent of a Bond Girl, or more likely an enemy that will give Reyes a run for his money. Or at least have him run after his car.

Ghost Rider #1 will hit comic book store shelves and online November 30, 2017.

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