The Top 5 Mobile Games to Play While Pooping

Turn your poop session into a gaming session. Multitasking! 


Doing your duty doesn’t always have to be serious business. In fact, if you’re spending a lot of time on the toilet, it’s often useful to bring some entertainment while you’re seated on the porcelain throne. Magazines and books are old hats these days — the only paper you’ll be needing is of the toilet variety. Instead, bring your phone or tablet along for the ride and play some of these fine bathroom-friendly games.

Ridiculous Fishing

If you thought fishing was boring, think again. This classic mobile game with an aquatic theme has you catching as many fishies as possible. Once you reel them up, though, the real fun begins. Shoot those fish out of the water with an arsenal full of weapons like chainsaws and toasters. You won’t want to leave your stall!

Om Nom the monster is a perfect bathroom companion. 


Cut the Rope

In this charming physics puzzler, you’re trying to feed an adorable oogly-eyed monster some candy. To do so, you need to cut the rope in such a way to ensure that candy rolls safely into the monster’s eagerly awaiting mouth. It offers fun, well-designed puzzles to help you while away your bathroom time.

Pinball and poop is a match made in heaven. 



This new release turns classic pinball into an endless runner washed in ‘80s neon and a futuristic sci-fi aesthetic with plenty of beeps and boops. Your goal is to make it as far up the board and past as many checkpoints as possible before the timer runs out. Clever retro-inspired mini-games give you fun new ways to rack up the points, too.

Pokémon meets Bejeweled


Puzzle & Dragons

If you don’t want to get hooked on Candy Crush, and you’re tired of vanilla Bejeweled, it might be time for you to give Puzzle & Dragons a try. This game basically took over Japan a few years ago and it’s only grown since becoming available in English. It combines classic monster hunting games with match three ‘em ups to create something uniquely addictive. Fight monsters by matching gems. Eventually, you’ll build up your own team of monsters you’ve caught, increasing their stats and evolving them along the way. With 2,000 unique monsters and multiplayer, there’s enough here for many, many bathroom breaks to come.


Orangenose Studios

Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test is kind of like Brain Age, except that the game is trying it’s hardest to trip you up and make you lose. The game will ask you to complete physics puzzles or answer logic questions, but be wary. They’re carefully worded, and you’ll have to think about every meaning the question could take on. You’ll be constantly second guessing yourself, but the game is ultimately fair enough that you won’t get frustrated. It’s a great way to get some brain training in while you’re doing Number 2.

Sometimes there are bees. 

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