This Silver Surfer Cosplay Shredding Manhattan Is Totally Rad

YouTube/ Prank2Prank

Everyone celebrates Halloween differently. Some people trick-or-treat, some people go to parties and get plastered on pumpkin beer, and other people, apparently, paint their whole bodies silver and shred the shit out of downtown Manhattan on an electric powered surf/skateboard as the Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surfer has always been one of Marvel’s goofier superheroes. He’s got a cosmic backstory involving a surfboard that travels faster than light (gnarly!) and a love-hate relationship with Galactus (like, super dramatic, dude), but mostly, he’s a shiny chill bro who hangs out with the Fantastic Four a lot. For amateur cosplayers out there, his costume is relatively simple: a silver bodysuit and some facepaint, carry around a spray-painted boogie board, and you’re good. But Jesse Wellens decided to go above and beyond. Makeup artist Alexys Fleming painted Wellens’s entire body (and some skintight trunks, bro) with silver and grey bodypaint, sprayed his hair silver, and voila — Silver Surfer. But the sickest part of the costume is definitely the electric skateboard/surfboard combo that lets him rip through the streets.

And check out this behind the scenes video of Fleming putting together the amazing body paint design. She says it took about four hours to paint the costume, plus another extra hour she spent adding in some extra detail for fun. Check out the full making of video below.

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