How to Win as Attackers in ‘Battlefield 1’ Operations

A few tips to get you out of the dirt and into the trenches. 

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If you’ve been glued to Battlefield 1’s multiplayer, odds are you’ve stepped into one of the new game modes called Operations. If so, the next time you hop in and can���t find a way to push through the defenders, remember the following tips.

Nicholas Bashore

Take Advantage of Behemoths

In Battlefield 1 a new class of vehicle called Behemoths was introduced. These massive machines were designed to give an advantage to the losing team on the battlefield in terms of firepower, allowing them to push back the enemy team and capture the objectives they need to win. Currently, three are present in the game: the Dreadnought, the Airship, and the Armored Train.

When you lose a push as the attacking team, your team will receive one of these gigantic war machines as backup in the next round. Regardless of what you’re doing, make sure to actively support and use the Behemoth to push the defending team’s positions. These beauties can lay down an insane amount of suppressive fire and even sit on defensive points that you’re supposed to capture while doing so. Don’t waste their capabilities.

Nicholas Bashore

Cover Your Advances

While we understand you probably want to use explosives when roaming about the battlefield, they aren’t going to do much when your team is failing to push an objective. In Battlefield 1, smoke grenades are your best friend when pushing points as the attacking team, and you’ve got to remember to use them to give your team an advantage.

If you’re working to take a heavily fortified position, make sure to cover your push with smoke to avoid getting killed continuously. Make sure at least one person in your squad is carrying smoke grenades to disrupt the enemy’s line of sight so you can rush in with your rifles and bayonets.

Nicholas Bashore

Leave a Few Friendly Troops Behind

To secure a sector as the attacking team, you must retain control over every single objective located within. Unlike Rush, these objectives can be taken back by defenders, which means many attacking teams lose a round because the defenders simply juggle the points with a large force thus preventing the attackers from capturing the sector.

It’s always a risky move to split your numbers as an attacking team, but if you don’t leave a few people to sit behind on an objective, you’ll find the enemy team will always capture those you’ve already taken while you’re working to capture another.

Nicholas Bashore

Control Enemy Anti-Air Emplacements

Nearly every position you’ll push as the attacking team has a few different anti-air emplacements lined up to deal with your friendly air support. If the map you’re playing gives you access to planes, you must keep enemy anti-air emplacements clear because of the ridiculous amount of damage they can do to your buddies in the sky.

Planes in Battlefield 1 are an extremely powerful force that can easily clear out enemy defensive positions with a few well-placed bombs, but not when the defenders keep shooting them out of the sky. So, if you’ve got a good pilot on your team, make sure to keep control over the defender’s anti-air capabilities.

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