How to Use Secret Codes to Explore Deep Netflix

It's time to venture beyond 'Stranger Things.'

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Finding something to watch on Netflix is like unfolding a takeout menu, deciding nothing sounds good, then repeating the process until your will has dissolved, and you settle for an old standby. Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search — uNoGS for short — makes it easy to avoid that trap by helping people discover new things to enjoy. It’s the Netflix equivalent to off-the-menu specials.

uNoGS is much more powerful than Netflix’s built-in search tool. Instead of just typing in a few letters and hoping to find what you were looking for, uNoGS offers granular control over every search. Want to limit the results to horror movies with a Rotten Tomatoes rating higher than 6? Done. Have a hankering for romantic comedies released before 1985? That’s easy. Your wish is uNoGS’s command.

Here’s the inside guide on how to get the most out of the powerful — but rather complex — search tool at


1. Keep track of the “What’s New?” section

Netflix constantly adds new videos, and takes old videos away. uNoGS keeps track of all these additions and subtractions from every version of Netflix, and offers access to the same search parameters available in the main tool. The result is a list of critically acclaimed 1970s crime dramas (or whatever you’re into) that never falls out of date, and always helps you find the freshest Netflix videos.


2. Embrace the weirdly specific genres.

uNoGS doesn’t get as weird as Netflix does with its genres, but the search tool does get more specific than “comedy” or “drama.” You’ll be able to search for anything from “screwball comedies” to “wine and beverage appreciation.” If there’s a particular movie you want to watch that isn’t available on Netflix, trying to figure out what category it belongs in can help surface other titles that will scratch that itch. (Although, no, there isn’t a genre devoted to itch-scratching.)

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3. Don’t worry about chasing high ratings.

Most videos aren’t critically acclaimed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth viewing. There’s a reason why movies like Batman v Superman can be horribly received while raking in cash: People don’t follow critics when deciding what to watch. uNoGS’s ratings filter is useful, but don’t miss out on a fun 90 minutes because of it.


4. Definitely don’t learn how to trick Netflix.

Netflix restricts movies to certain regions. These limitations can be worked around, however, by using a virtual private network (VPN) that makes it seem like you’re somewhere else. The company started cracking down on VPN users in January, and uNoGS’s admin tells Inverse the service has declined in popularity since then, but it’s still possible to use certain VPNs. And it’s still possible to watch U.S. Netflix outside the U.S..

Just don’t tell anyone Inverse told you to do that. We didn’t. Cough.


5. Check out what’s available in other countries.

uNoGS’s admin tells Inverse that the best way to use the tool to unearth good videos is to look at what’s available around the world. “Utilize the country selection and search features,” they said. “I honestly think a lot of people don’t realize you can select individual countries to limit your search.” They also pointed out that the map view offers an easy way to see what’s happening in all 241 countries where Netflix is available.

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