4 Essential Time-Management Apps for Type-B Personalities

For people who don't usually care about task apps, here's four task apps you need.

If you’re someone that takes things easy, doesn’t get too upset about winning or losing, or struggles to get hyped up about organization tools, you’re probably a type B personality. Compared to their ambitious, aggressive brethren, the type A, type Bs have long lamented the lack of time management apps that cater to their needs. Too many of them throw up needless options, strange buttons or integrations that don’t seem to make sense. A calendar attached to a to-do app? Who needs that?

Thankfully, help is at hand. There’s an array of task apps for both smartphones and computers that will help organize your time effectively and push you off delaying that one extra task. Here’s four of the best tools to help manage your time effectively.

1. SelfControl (Mac)

Struggling to stay on task? SelfControl blocks your browser from accessing a predefined list of websites. Even if you restart the computer, turn your wifi off and on, or uninstall the app, you won’t regain access until the fixed timer runs out. Best of all, it’s free. If you’ve got that urge to check Facebook notifications, or you can’t make it through the day without checking Twitter every five minutes, you need to get some SelfControl.

2. Clear (iOS, Mac)

The simple, clear to-do list makes hassle-free task management a breeze. Start typing on the Mac, or swipe down on the iPhone, and Clear jumps into action, adding a new task to your list. The interface is gesture-based, and there’s little clutter. No need to mess with color coding or obscure meeting invite functions. Clear has multiple lists, reminders, skins, and a choice of sound effects (swipe away tasks with an ‘80s sci-fi laser sound!). That’s pretty much it. Seamless iCloud integration means your five second jots are available anywhere. Clear is $4.99 for iOS and $9.99 for Mac.


3. Fantastical (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

This calendar app has a brilliant feature that lets you write in new appointments using natural language. For example, “Meet Dave at 7 p.m. on Sunday in Kew Gardens” will create a new calendar entry on Sunday at 7 p.m., titled “Meet Dave,” with the location set to Kew Gardens, so your phone can provide directions and alert you far enough in advance so you can make it. Fantastical is $4.99 for iPhone, $9.99 for iPad and $49.99 for Mac.

4. Remember the Milk

This multi-platform time management app will remind you of tasks wherever you are. No need to stay seated at the computer and fire up your to-do app: Remember the Milk blasts you with reminders at your email address, on your phone, through your instant messages and even on Twitter. Adding tasks is straightforward: a simple web app collects your tasks anywhere you’re logged in, and a Fantastical-style Smart Add feature means you have the ability to write out your tasks perfectly without taking your hands off the keyboard. The basic version is free, but there’s also a Pro option at $39.99 a year that adds a slew of extra features. Mobile app reminders are a premium feature, but the basic tier offers a number of ways to receive reminders so this may not be an issue.