Millie Bobby Brown Teases Eleven's Return on 'Stranger Things'

She knows just a little bit too much on Instagram.


Even though it might be more interesting if Stranger Things didn’t bring back its breakout character for its sophomore season, it seems almost a given that Eleven is going to come back for Season 2. Still, Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who played Eleven, can’t help but tease her character’s return on Instagram.

Brown and David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper, made an appearance at a Stranger Things panel at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest over the weekend. The two were charming, and they regaled the audience with tales from the set and teases about the upcoming season. (At one point Brown picked up a baby, which was pretty unexpected and perfectly adorable).

However, the real juicy part of the panel came when Harbour wanted to give away just a bit too much of the upcoming second season. Brown leapt into action to cover his mouth.

In an Instagram of the moment over the weekend, Harbour jokingly complained that “@milliebobby_brown won’t let me talk season2.”

Then, on Monday, Brown posted her own version of the incident, writing “shhhhh @dkharbour don’t say a word!”

Come on. Brown’s mere presence on the panel, along with the teases and unfinished aspects of Eleven’s relationship with Hopper, almost guarantee that Eleven will come back in some form or another next season. Brown’s joyful vigilance about keeping the big “secret” just makes it that much more likely.

Of course, there is a very unlikely chance that Eleven won’t come back for Season 2, and Brown is just teasing us. But, then again, she wouldn’t do that. After all, what did Eleven learn during the first season?

Listen to yourself.

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