How to Make the Best 'Rick and Morty' Halloween Costumes

Mix it up a bit. Get schwifty.

So, you, and maybe a friend, want to be Rick and Morty for Halloween. Maybe you think it’s a fairly easy costume to make. Well, you’re right for the most part, but if you want to do Halloween right, you would best heed this guide.

The basics of either a Rick or Morty costume for Halloween are pretty simple — so simple, in fact, that you’re likely to be one of many Ricks or Mortys. However, luckily the show itself mutates and twists Rick and Morty so many times in-universe that going for a more original take on Rick and Morty will probably pay huge dividends. All you have to do is be a little more creative than the average idiots you hang out with.

Adult Swim

Rick Sanchez

The requirements for a Rick costume are pretty straight forward: lab coat, blue long-sleeved t-shirt, brown pants, maybe a flask or some other alcohol-related paraphernalia, and probably a wig (if you don’t want to dye your hair greyish-blue and style it). Luckily you can find “Rick Sanchez Anime Wig” on Amazon for around $25.

For an added touch, it’s recommended you stain your blue shirt with a drink, or maybe even fake vomit beforehand.

However, there’s a ton of variations for you to try out in case the lab coat look is a little stale for you. Forgoing the lab coat for a prison jumper and sci-fi choker can give you:

Space Prison Rick

Or if you have a child, maybe consider getting smaller versions of the standard Rick attire to make:

Tiny Rick

Morty Smith

Like Rick, the standard Morty costume is also fairly simple. Just a yellow T-Shirt, some jeans, and a look of constant anxiety.

Luckily for you, there is a game completely canon to the Rick and Morty universe called, Pocket Mortys. It’s a Pokémon-style game where you collect — that’s right — a bunch of different Mortys from different universes, each with their unique look.

Simply look through this handy chart of Mortys and pick your favorite to go as for Halloween. Maybe get yourself a fake beard and glasses to go as “Hipster Morty”, or put on a karate uniform to go as “Karate Morty”! The possibilities are all mapped out for you. Personally the idea of combining the Donnie Darko rabbit mask and a Morty outfit to make “Evil Rabbit Morty” is pretty good for the occasion.

Essentially, the basic Rick and Morty outfit won’t set you more than $30 given you already have the right color clothing. Mixing it up however will earn you the desired adulation of your peers for really knowing your Rick and Morty fandom materials. Also, it will be just in time to celebrate Season 3 of the series.

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