Donald Glover's Lando Will Fly the Falcon in 'Han Solo' Movie


Hey old buddy, don’t let us down! Donald Glover is headed to a galaxy far far away, as a young version of the infamous in the forthcoming standalone Han Solo movie. And we’re willing to bet that the next Star Wars spinoff film will have Lando in possession of the Millennium Falcon.

Because the events of the Han Solo movie —starring Alden Ehrenreich in the title role — take place well before Han Solo and Chewbacca meet Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, it makes sense that Lando would be involved in the plot. And while it was previously rumored Glover would take on the role, the confirmation that he would don Lando’s smooth-ass cape came today via the official Star Wars Twitter account.

To be fair, we’re still unaware of Lando’s sartorial choices at this stage in his life, but we really hope we get to see him in some kind of cape. The idea that Glover’s Lando will still have the Falcon seems air-tight, though. We know Han won the ship from Lando in a game of Sabbac. Having a Han Solo movie without the Millennium Falcon would be insane, so it makes sense we’ll totally see an actual card game take place where Han wins the ship from Lando.

As far as figuring out what else Lando is up to in the Han Solo movie, we’ll have to wait until it comes out on May 25, 2018.

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