'Thanos' Is a Terrifying Purple Alien When He's Not Sitting

Marvel Comics, Mike Deodato

Thanos has been around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for at least four movies and he hasn’t done so much as pick up a glove of infinite power. That changes in a brand new Thanos series which returns the Mad Titan to his full glory.

Currently, Thanos is imprisoned on Earth after a failed attack on the planet. While he managed to kill War Machine and seriously injure She-Hulk, he was ultimately taken down by Earth’s superheroes. The new series sees Thanos returning to space with vengeance on the mind, and a whole lot of alien murdering to show for it.

The series is being written by comic book veteran Jeff Lemire and art by Mike Deodato. The preview summary seems to indicate that while he was gone, Thanos’s rule over his corner of the universe has weakened, and he aims to get it back. The only problem is his own family members who stands in his way.

Mike Deodato

It’s easy to forget that Thanos rules large swathes of the Marvel universe. When he’s not sitting around on his throne, pining for his lost love Death (the actual spirit of death), or taken prisoner by the Avengers, he’s a one man (alien?) army hellbent on destruction.

The new title is looking to reaffirm Thanos’s status as one of the most powerful Marvel beings in the universe while also showcasing some family drama coming from within Thanos’s complicated offsprings.

Thanos #1 will be released in comic book stores and digital retailers November 16, 2016.

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