Jon and Daenerys Could Be the Night King and Queen on 'GoT' 


While familial relationships and secret bloodline connections are big on Game of Thrones, an unexpected family connection between Jon Snow, the White Walkers, and Daenerys Targaryen might be on the horizon.

A new video theory posted by ScreenPrism outlines all the reasons why Jon and Daenerys are connected by blood to the White Walkers. It might seem crazy, but it isn’t as outlandish as it sounds. We already know that the two are aunt and nephew, since “The Winds of Winter” revealed that Jon’s true mother is Lyanna Stark, which makes his father Daenerys’s deceased brother Rhaegar. We also know that Jon and Daenerys will most likely bang or fight in Season 7, family ties aside.

From a mixture of the show and the books, we know that the White Walkers originated as men — Season 6 revealed that the Children of the Forest were responsible for their origins. Their leader, the mysterious Night King, has taken a peculiar interest in Jon Snow ever since the two met at Hardhome.

Previously, the general consensus was that the Night King connected to Jon because of his Stark ancestry — according to book lore, the Night King originated as the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and was none other than a Stark in his human form.

But by honing in on the show’s symbols, this new video posits a deep connection not only between Jon and Daenerys, but also between Targaryen blood and the White Walkers. Check it out below.

If the two end up together, this means they could reign as the new Night King and Queen. And if that is the story’s endgame while Westeros smolders in ashes, it would be a surprising showstopper of an ending.

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