The 'Westworld' Website Has Some Terrifying Easter Egg Glitches

The site's chat-bot, Aeden, doesn't like any existential questions about Wyatt, the Man in Black, or Dr. Ford's new narrative.


The hosts in Westworld are here to help … as long as you don’t cross any lines. Aeden, the friendly chatbot on DiscoverWestworld.com, is no different — and there are eight lines of questioning that it really doesn’t like.

We’ve asked Aeden certain questions before, like how much it costs to visit Westworld, but as the show unveils more mysteries, we started to probe Aeden with some questions about Wyatt, Dr. Robert Ford’s new church narrative, what the deal is with the gunplay in the park, and who exactly the Man in Black might be. Sometimes Aeden gives you a straight answer, but sometimes poking too far into the inner workings of the park fries its circuits enough to cause a glitch. Here’s what we found.

Violent Delights

These violent delights have violent ends.


There seem to be a few commands that get Aeden to freak out. And when Aeden freaks out, he gets nasty — threatening potential guests by saying,k “Arnold will come for you,” referring to Dr. Ford’s mysterious partner who died in the park 30 years ago. Enter phrases like “Hell is empty” or “Violent delights” to the bot three times and you get the glitch above, but it also doesn’t like talking about itself either.

Ask it about itself three times and you get the same glitch:

Aeden does know who he or she is.


And it also doesn’t like when you suggest it isn’t sentient:

Aeden doesn't like to get existential.


Who is Arnold?

Not much is known about Arnold.


Arnold and his failed idea to incorporate consciousness into the hosts is first mentioned in Episode 3, and until we find out more he’ll remain a mystery. The same goes for when you ask Aeden about him and his “special connection” to the hosts.

The Church

The board was promised a new narrative.


Episode 2 ends with Ford assuring Bernard that the board will gets its new narrative after he rejected Sizemore’s “Odyssey on Red River” storyline. Instead of rehashing old scenarios, it seems Ford is going to introduce a little religion into the equation, or maybe he already has. At the end of the episode, he tells Bernard he’ll give them “Something I’ve been working on for sometime. Something quite original.”

What will happen to the hosts when you give them religion?


The Maze

Is Armistice the "blood arroyo?"


The other mysterious plotline in the series has been the Man in Black’s quest to find the maze, whatever that is. It seemed to be imprinted on the head of the host that he scalped at the end of Episode 1, and is mentioned again when he confronts Lawrence the host and his family. After he kills Lawrence’s wife and cousins, his host daughter tells the Man in Black, “The maze isn’t meant for you,” and then, “Follow the blood arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs.”

It’s the same message you get from Aeden. So what is the “blood arroyo” and where is the spot where “the snake lays its eggs”? Fans seem to think the arroyo and snake in question is the tattoo that snakes down the body of Armistice the gunslinger, seen briefly in the show’s trailer.

It seems this host's tattoo could lead to the maze.



It's exactly like paintball.


The extent of host-on-guest violence is another question that keeps popping up considering the Man in Black barely winced when Teddy shot him up in Episode 1 while William (who some think might be the Man in Black 30 years in the past) was knocked down by harmless gunfire in Episode 3. It seems the hosts shoot pellet-like paintballs that make gunfights seem real.


Does Wyatt have something to do with Ford's church?


In Episode 3, Ford gave Teddy a new backstory involving a Union sergeant named Wyatt that went all Colonel Kurtz on his regiment and then escaped into the wilderness. Wyatt apparently went crazy because he could hear the voice of God, but is this referring to Ford himself? After all, Peter Abernathy said he wanted to meet his maker in Episode 1, and he conveniently did. Those “strange ideas” Aeden mentions could tie into the new religion narrative Ford is building.

The Man in Black

The MiB is a VIP.


Before the Man in Black slaughters Lawrence’s family in Episode 2, we cut to the control room where Stubbs briefly mentions to a technician “That gentleman gets whatever he wants.” What gives? The MiB mentions he’s been causing a ruckus in the park for the past 30 years, and Aeden seems to confirm that he gets special treatment for some reason.

Hell is Empty

All the devils are here.


Press the “shift” key on the homescreen of the Discover Westworld website even without typing a word to Aeden and you get a bit of a surprise. The website cuts out and you hear Peter Abernathy’s “Hell is empty and all the devils are here” line. Clearly, Westworld still has more surprises left for us.

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