Doctor Doom's Custom Coding Language Is Now Real

Marvel Comics, Chip Zdarsky

Doctor Victor Von Doom is one of the smartest characters in the Marvel universe, and he wants everyone to know. Scientist, villain, narcissist, Doom counts creating a custom coding language for his machines among his many accomplishments. Now, that fake code is actually real thanks to some evil geniuses on GitHub.

Doctor Doom’s proclivity of naming things after himself (e.g., DoomBot) came to a head when he created a programming language based entirely on different variations of the input “doom.” It made its first appearance in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4 where it was powering his next evil scheme.

Now, programmer jdmoran has recreated the language with “SYSDOOM,” a still in-progress project hosted on the software sharing website, GitHub. As of now, the code has limited functionality and frankly zero actual feasibility as a real language. But, that hasn’t stopped Doom from using it to power his most evil machines, and it shouldn’t stop you either.


Erica Henderson

From what is available on the GitHub page, commands have been attached to specific spellings of the process “Doom”, like “dOOm” or “dOoM.” Aside from that it’s pretty much nonsense and is not advisable to be used for your “doom”sday device (unless you’re a serious masochist).

As of yet, only eight different variations of “Doom” have any specific function, with the remaining variations currently unassigned, and open to suggestion from the public.

Despite the inconceivability of “SYSDOOM” as a real language, Doctor Doom has never been one to listen to reason or logic. Doom does as he pleases.


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