Marvel Launches 'ResurrXion' With a Gay Mutant's Solo Series

Marvel Comics

Marvel has big plans for the X-Men. The “Death of X” storyline, which began in October, will reveal exactly what happens before everything explodes in “Inhumans vs. X-Men.” But what about after the dust settles? Apparently an Iceman solo comic will narrate the fallout in the first installment of the revival series, titled “ResurrXion.”

The X-Men’s current status is shaky at best. Currently under threat by the spread of Terrigen Mist, the mutant population is slowly shrinking in size. To add insult to injury, the mist also sterilizes them, preventing any future mutants from being born.

Iceman, aka Bobby Drake, is one of the longest-running, most popular X-Men in the Marvel series. Thanks to time travel (a common X-Men tool), there are technically two Bobby Drakes running around the present comics. An adult, very powerful Iceman, and a teen Iceman from the past, who was brought to the current timeline alongside several other teen mutants by Beast. Now, one of them (presumably adult Iceman) is getting a solo series, but there are some questions.

As a follow-up to the hotly anticipated “Inhumans vs X-Men” storyline, the stylized “ResurrXion” implies some serious consequences. There is no doubt that fighters from both sides will get hurt and maybe even die as a result of their long-gestating conflict. Iceman might be getting a series, but he might not be the same after the war between the two sides.

Likewise, Iceman came out as gay earlier in the series when he was confronted by his younger self and Jean Grey about his sexuality. The moment was somewhat hampered by the way the situation was handled with some LGBT fans accusing Iceman’s coming out as a forced outing. But with Iceman’s sexuality canon now, it’s up to Marvel to treat the character with the respect that his coming out somewhat lacked.

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