Julia Will Get Cozy With the Beast in 'Magicians' Season 2


Hedge Witch heroine Julia Wicker was last seen in the season finale of The Magicians making a deal with the Beast to enact her revenge upon Renard, but in Season 2 that alliance might lead to an unlikely romance.

At New York Comic Con on October 8, during a panel discussion about the 2017 second season of The Magicians, series writer John McNamara said new episodes will contain “intimate” scenes between Julia and the Beast, aka the evil and grown-up Martin Chatwin. “They’re like the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers from Hell,” McNamara said.

In Lev Grossman’s novels, Julia does indeed enact her revenge upon Renard, though said revenge isn’t depicted in real time, but instead mentioned after the fact in The Magician’s Land. Plus, in the first book, Martin Chatwin/the Beast was defeated by Alice who died in the battle. In that book, Julia wasn’t present during the final confrontation with the Beast and in fact never met him.


So, if Julia does really become what sounds like the lover of Martin Chatwin/the Beast in Season 2, her already rocky character arc will become decidedly way darker and more fucked-up than it was in the source material. In the books, Julia has a somewhat “happy ending” by the conclusion of The Magician’s Land. But if her television counterpart is hanging out with the Beast this much, it’s possible that this version of Julia is not coming back from the darkness.

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