Juliana Will Defect to the Nazis in Season 2 of 'High Castle'

You’d think the alternate universe Third Reich would be the last place anti-Nazi rebel Juliana Crane would want to be, but apparently her situation is so bad, that’s exactly where she ends up in the second season of The Man in the High Castle.

In a new trailer and a new clip from The Man in the High Castle, the alternate history thriller teases at wrinkle for its protagonist, Juliana. In the new footage, Juliana is on the run from both Japanese soldiers and the rebel forces. Where does she wind up? On the Nazis’ front door, seemingly seeking asylum.

This marks a huge departure from Juliana’s story arc in Philip K. Dick’s original story. In the book, Juliana’s biggest contact with the Nazis is when she injures Joe, after it’s revealed that he’s a secret Nazi agent trying to kill the titular Man in the High Castle. It does seem like a smart move to put Juliana in the middle of the conflict, trapped between two imposing forces, rather than keeping her stuck in the Neutral Zone. Still, doesn’t seem like Juliana’s making the smartest decision in the long run.

There’s also an interesting tidbit in a new clip, released during New York Comic Con, which shows Juliana’s interrogation. In the clip, Juliana is asked about a pelvic injury that she believes has made her infertile. The interrogator makes it clear that the Third Reich prefers granting asylum to women who can bear children, but Nazi officer John Smith lets her in anyway.

It seems possible that Juliana could become pregnant sometime in the future, which would complicate her asylum and give her motivation to escape. Although, let’s be honest, does she really need an excuse? She’s literally surrounded by Nazis.

The Man in the High Castle returns for Season 2 on December 16.

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