Barry Meets Wally's Flash in Season 3 Premiere Preview

The CW

Wally West now has access to the Speed Force, and in a new clip from The Flash Season 3, Barry Allen has front row seats to Wally’s fight with the Rival.

One of the biggest changes in Flashpoint — the new reality after Barry rewrote history in the Season 2 finale — is that Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) is now a speedster with his own yellow costume reminiscent of his Kid Flash persona from the comics. However, Central City doesn’t know him as Kid Flash, but as simply the Flash.

He isn’t the only one with quick legs though. Aside from Barry — who kept his superpowers even after he changed history — there is now the Rival, a new supervillain who wants to “re-educate” the people of Central City that he “has no rival.” And that puts Wally West’s Flash in his target sights.

The fight is quick (as one can expect between two speedsters), but the Rival shows knowledge of some familiar speedster tricks we’ve seen Barry use. In The Flash Season 2, Jay Garrick shows Barry how to harness electricity produced from his speed to throw at enemies like bolts of lightning. It appears the Rival knows how to do it too, and he can do it far more efficiently and effectively than either Barry or Wally.

The clip, posted on The Flash Facebook page, comes from the Season 3 premiere episode “Flashpoint,” which airs tonight on the CW.

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