How to Watch the Entire Harry Potter Series in IMAX Again

The Boy Who Lived is back in theaters. 


Harry Potter fans will get something truly magical starting next weekend. IMAX will be showing all eight Harry Potter films in its large screen format leading up to the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

We know that none of you need a refresher on the films. You’ve watched and rewatched them until your VHS copies wore out or your younger brother scratched your DVDs. (Thankfully, digital copies are now a thing.) You hoard your torn and coffee-stained HP books like the religious artifacts they are. But seeing Nearly Headless Nick, Professor McGonagall, and the Hungarian Horntail in theaters again is a treat sweeter than a warm tankard of Butterbeer. And what could possibly be more fitting to welcome the Halloween season and the November 18 premiere of Fantastic Beasts?

Something else special: This event marks the first time The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets will be remastered for the high-quality format of IMAX. We’ll finally be able to see that first iconic shot of Hogwarts in the moonlight as Hagrid leads the first-years across the lake in all its glory.


You can check out the IMAX website to find out which theaters will be screening the movies. It all starts Thursday, October 13, and will include an exclusive look at new footage from Fantastic Beasts to act as an extra incentive … not that any of us need one to apparate to the closest participating theater.

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