Elon Musk Praises Ex's 'Deadly Sexbot' Performance in 'Westworld'

This is ... different.

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HBO’s new science fiction series, Westworld debuts Sunday, and everybody’s excited — especially Elon Musk. The show about a theme park in the futuristic wild west controlled by artificial intelligence stars Musk’s former wife Talulah Riley. The innovation mogul, who is known to express his penchant for all things science fiction on Twitter, tweeted a flirtatious but slightly risqué congratulations to his ex-wife, who plays an as-yet unnamed role in the series.

“Some of the future episodes of Westworld feature my ex. Talulah does a great job of playing a deadly sexbot :)” Musk wrote.

Technically speaking, A.I. technology is still a very long way from the invention of sex bots, and according to robot activists, bot sex isn’t even a good idea. However, these are obviously not notions that crossed Musk’s mind.

About ten minutes later, after the hundreds of replies rolled in, and realizing that it was overall a pretty gross and weird tweet, he gave a cryptic response:

Rorschach tests are more colloquially known as “ink blot” tests. They’re a series of cards with symmetrical blobs usually used by psychologists to determine if their patients suffer from a personality disorder. Yet, his tweet still didn’t make much sense. Trolls and fans alike were begging Musk to tone it down a notch. So he tried to just amend the entire situation by tweeting:

Oh good. That seemed to smooth things over a bit. Although it may be Musk’s first time using the word “shade,” people were impressed by the Tesla founder’s use of hip vocabulary.

All that aside, Musk has been looking forward to the debut of Westworld for a good while. “This is going to be great,” he wrote in June.

Musk’s enthusiasm for science-themed television isn’t off-brand by any means. Aside from turning space and car technology on its head, Musk is a bonafide sci-fi nerd. He announced last week that very first ship he wants SpaceX, his aerospace company, to send to Mars as part of the Interplanetary Transport System, will be named Heart of Gold, after the ship in the legendary sci-fi story Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

He’s already named SpaceX’s first two droneships Just Read the Instructions and Of Course I Still Love You after the two starships in Iain M. Banks’ novel The Player of Games.

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