Spider-Man Might Kill Captain America in 'Civil War II'

Marko Djurdjevic

Marvel sent out previews for the upcoming Civil War II #6, and it looks like the story will answer the massive cliffhanger from the last issue: Will Miles Morales kill Captain America?

Civil War II #5 left Team Iron Man and Team Captain Marvel stunned when Ulysses, the Inhuman who can see future catastrophes, has a vision where Miles stands over Captain America’s dead body. The problem, however, is that the vision is difficult to imagine as real for anybody who actually knows Miles Morales.

In fact, it’s because all the Marvel heroes know Miles that the new vision seems much more difficult to fathom than previous ones. Even the premonition about the Hulk murdering everyone made some sense given that the Hulk literally tried to do that several times in comic book history. Miles Morales killing Steve Rogers? That might be too unlikely, which is why Marvel is teasing some serious changes in the next issue, including some possible alliance changes between Team Captain Marvel and Team Iron Man.

Civil War II #6

Marvel Comics, David Marquez

Civil War II was set off after the arrival of Ulysses, an Inhuman who has psychic visions about the future. These visions are believed to become absolutely true unless they are stopped in time. This splits the Marvel heroes between Captain Marvel’s team — who believe they should predict crime to stop it — and Iron Man’s team — who believe the visions are a serious breach in personal liberty. The war has already claimed the lives of War Machine and the Hulk.

One thing I’ve come to like about the new wave of heroes like Kamala Khan and Miles Morales is how the characters themselves are hardcore fans of the Marvel Universe. This in-universe fandom brings deeper meaning to the relationships these young heroes have with older Marvel heroes. Seeing Miles Morales react to the vision of him possibly murdering Captain America is absolutely heartbreaking.

Marvel’s Civil War II #6 releases in-stores and digitally on October 26, 2016.

Civil War II #6

Marvel Comics, David Marquez
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