What's Jay Garrick Doing in 'The Flash' Season 3?

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Something is going on in Central City that needs the help of a whole lot of Flashes. Sure, just because Jay Garrick is from Earth-3 doesn’t mean he can’t pop back into Barry’s world and lend a hand every now and then, and in some new photos from The Flash Season 3 episode “Paradox” (the second of the season), that’s just what he’s doing. The photos feature John Wesley Shipp suited up as Jay Garrick and standing beside Barry Allen, ready to tangle with whoever can keep up with them.

Maybe it’s the Rival, the new evil speedster in Central City. Other photos provided by the CW show Barry facing down the Rival, who in the comics was Jay Garrick’s evil opposite. Perhaps the Rival is actually from Earth-3, and it’s Jay Garrick pursuing him all the way to Barry’s universe in Earth-1?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter; we’re going to see a real team-up between Barry and the legit Jay Garrick, not the serial killer copycat Hunter Zolomon from last season. Here’s hoping The Flash does a redo on that awesome “Flash of Two Worlds” comic book homage like last season.

In case you’re a little confused or behind on the show: Jay Garrick isn’t Barry’s dad, despite looking exactly like him. Obviously, both characters are played by John Wesley Shipp. The Flash has not yet explicitly explained how genetics across parallel dimensions work out, but Henry Allen is a normal (and alive) person on Earth-1 without superpowers. His Earth-3 double, however, is the Flash of Earth-3. Who knows if that means Jay is related to Barry.

Check out the photo below, with Barry and Jay looking like the cosplayers everyone is jealous of at Comic Con.

“Paradox” is looking like a fun episode, not only because of Jay Garrick. Tom Felton is also making his debut as Julian Albert, a new employee at Central City PD’s forensics who is immediately hostile to Barry. Julian might not be the Earth-1 Atom Smasher since that guy is dead (and is also former professional wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland), but he could be a Slytherin.

Here’s Barry versus the Rival, who I’m personally hoping isn’t just another Zoom.

Tom Felton is also looking mighty friendly as Julian Albert in Central City. Don’t jump to conclusions thinking Julian is the Rival: The Vampire Actors alum Todd Lasance is playing the new bad speedster.

The Flash Season 3 premieres October 4 on the CW.

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