There's Now a Marvel Avenger for Each State in the Union


We’re all a little safer these days in the USA because now there’s an Avenger protecting every state. Granted, a lot of them don’t hail from their assigned states, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t awesome.

Marvel recently announced the launch of its new comic series, U.S. Avengers, promising 50 variant covers for issue #1. There will be a cover for each state in the U.S., and each will feature an assigned Marvel hero for that state. Collect all 50 and line them up to create an American flag.

Most of the assigned states are a mystery, though. Luke Cage is, fittingly, the guardian of New York, but that leaves classic NYC characters such as Steve Rogers and Peter Parker out of the mix — Rogers’s Captain America is looking out for Delaware, of all places. Malibu-bound Iron Man flies through the California skies; Winter Soldier kicks ass in Indiana; Black Widow is in charge of Connecticut; Spectrum takes no shit in Louisiana; Beast is the Avenger of Illinois; and Sam Wilson’s Captain America has his eye on Maryland. Again: Not a all of the assignments make sense.


David Gabriel, SVP Sales and Marketing at Marvel, says: “We knew that a series with the name U.S. Avengers would evoke a sense of honor with all of our fans … even our neighbors Canada and Puerto Rico!”

Since the U.S. Avengers series is a follow-up to the events of the in-universe murderous disaster that was the Civil War II storyline, maybe this new story will turn out a little more positive. We’re expecting to see the rest of the covers once we get closer to the series’ launch date, which has yet to be announced.

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