'Monkey Master' Might Be Stan Lee's Last Animal Superhero


Taking inspiration from both Chinese and Indian mythos, Stan Lee’s latest hero, Monkey Master, will combine ancient and modern cultures to fight an as-yet-unknown evil. There’s also still no word on whether or not the Monkey Master will have a tail.

But both Chinese and Indian cultures have legends for Lee to draw upon for what is rumored to be his last original superhero story. Stan Lee, inarguably the most prominent face of Marvel Comics and the creator of heroes such as those in the X-Men franchise and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and Doctor Strange films, is slowing down his creative output in the superhero world. Who can blame him, though, after a career that has resulted in $15 billion worth of worldwide movie franchises? Possibly his last endeavor, as reported by Variety, will be Monkey Master. The film will be helmed by Chinese and Indian production companies and aimed at Chinese audiences, but will reportedly be taken on by a Western director.


“I have always been fascinated by the Chinese and Indian cultures which are so philosophical and rich in tradition and morality,” Lee told Variety. “Monkey Master will be unique in how it interweaves Chinese and Indian myth to create a hero that will entertain fans across the world with his martial arts skills and unstoppable super-powers.”

There’s no telling yet if this character will be a sentient animal like Rocket Raccoon and Howard the Duck from Marvel or more akin to Gorilla Grodd from DC — or more of a human with animal abilities à la Spider-Man. Perhaps there’s even an argument to be made for a character similar to some of Lee’s X-Men: Beast is a character with ape-like physical strength and the physiology to match, and Nightcrawler is decidedly monkey-esque despite teleportation abilities.

While the upcoming film — which has neither confirmed actors nor a director — will be specifically aimed at audiences in China, it sounds like it could be another worldwide hit. Also, we’re really hoping for a superhero with a tail.

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