This Deleted Mall Scene is What 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Should Have Been

In the final cut of X-Men: Apocalypse, Cyclops and Jean Grey play hooky with Jubilee and Nightcrawler to go to the mall, but only to see Return of the Jedi. Grey offers a cutting remark about the third movie being the worst, which is notable because X-Men: Apocalypse, the third in the new X-Men trilogy, is also the worst.

In a deleted scene posted by the Ladies of X-Men tumblr, the mall trip is expanded with them visiting the arcade, shopping at a record store, and drinking slushies (Nightcrawler suffers a brain freeze). Importantly, they actually interact with other teenaged humans, who seem more tolerant than their adult counterparts.

“This place is like a temple, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. They don’t fear us,” Nightcrawler says as they walk through the concourse.

In one instance the German acrobat joins a bunch of breakdancers and actually outshines them — but because the VFX wasn’t completed, it’s just kids cheering at a prop.

But the point is clear: These are mutant teenagers who just want to be teenagers and hang out too. The whole thing is great, if a little indulgent.

Although one of the more disappointing movies of the year, X-Men: Apocalypse still had great moments and showed promise as a teen-centric action movie steeped in ‘80s nostalgia. More scenes like this one would have done much to endear audiences to the younger cast. Most of X-Men: Apocalypse was heavily on Xavier and his fight against the Four Horseman, but it was Grey who defeated Apocalypse. It would have been nice to know her better, too. Maybe Bryan Singer’s Apocalypse would have succeeded if it included more of these mutant teens on their day off: Oh, to just hang out with the characters a little more, instead of watching them punishingly push forward the plot? Imagine! This offers a slice of what that movie could be.

Enjoy this trip to an ‘80s mall, complete with “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats.