Looks Like Ezra Is Halfway to Sith on 'Star Wars: Rebels'

The heroic Ezra Bridger looks to be turning to the the dark side of the Force faster than you can say “Anakin” in three new clips from Star Wars: Rebels Season 3.

At the end Rebels’s last season, Ezra obtained a Sith Holocron: a semi-sentient device containing teachings and “wisdom” of the Sith. In one new clip, Ezra is being urged by a voice in the Holocron to channel his anger to make himself more powerful. The takeaway here is this: Ezra now believes the dark side of the Force can help him protect his friends. Since being separated from his parents and weathering multiple hardships throughout all of Rebels, it makes sense that Ezra — like Anakin Skywalker before him — would want to become powerful enough in the Force to prevent anyone he cares about from dying.

Another clip featured as part of the official Star Wars Show on YouTube shows Ezra cockily taking on an Imperial officer. Here, Ezra is brandishing his new green lightsaber and acting not only more grown-up than before, but also, way more arrogant. Again, there are shades of Anakin here, albeit, a little more charming. In some ways, Ezra’s flirtations with the dark side on Rebels may slightly mirror the fall of Ben Solo in the unseen events occurring before The Force Awakens.

Finally, the third new clip from Rebels is all about Hera, captain of the Rebel ship The Ghost, going undercover as some kind of servant to the Empire. Here, we see Hera and the little droid Chopper (along with Ezra in scout trooper armor) attempting to infiltrate some kind of Imperial facility or ship. But, it all goes wrong when Grand Admiral Thrawn decides to bring in Hera for additional questioning. It’s unclear if this scene is the very first introduction of Thrawn on Rebels, but the scheming baddie’s entrance into the new Star Wars canon is exciting, to say the least.

Will Thrawn be keeping the slug-like ysalamiri as pets like he did in the original novels by Timothy Zahn? If so, it could be a game-changer since the ysalamiri have the ability to straight-up block people’s ability to use the Force. The Thrawn of old also hung out with a certain Dark Jedi. Who’s to say the new version of Thrawn won’t try to recruit the dangerously over-confident Ezra into his nefarious schemes.

Star Wars: Rebels debuts tomorrow, September 24 on Disney XD.

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