A Massive Arkham Jailbreak Might Kick Off Affleck's 'Batman'

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A huge prison break at Arkham Asylum might be the main plot point in Ben Affleck’s upcoming solo Batman movie. This development, of course, will force Batman to fight against all his greatest foes, or at least, that’s what diehard fans are suggesting. Thanks to new details released over the weekend, that fan theory is definitely still plausible.

Whenever Batman storytellers want to really push the caped crusader to his limits, they usually have him face against multiple villains at once. Examples of this strategy include Hush, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Death of the Family, and the current All-Star Batman. Despite the success of similar comic book Batman stories in the past, the Dark Knight has only faced a couple villains at a time in the movies. A massive villain team-up, on the other hand, has proven exciting and marketable, and a villain free-for-all just might be the best way to regain fan attention.

A tweet from TheWrap’s Umberto Gonzalez looked like it debunked the Arkham break-out rumor. But looking at Gonzalez’s wording, it’s arguable that he’s actually falling in line with several rumors.

First, he writes that the film won’t take place entirely in Arkham, but could still feature the insane asylum that many of Batman’s greatest villains are imprisoned in. Multiple rumors have cited Arkham Asylum as a major plot location for the film, but the actual asylum doesn’t necessarily have to have a lot of screen time to justify its importance. A single massive prison break, with the involvement of hired mercenary Deathstroke, could put Arkham as a key location in the film, even as Batman runs around the greater Gotham city area to round-up the escaped inmates.

Aside from the Batman villains already introduced in DC’s Suicide Squad like Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and the Joker, there are rumors of other villains already existing within the DCEU. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice referenced both the Riddler and the KGBeast, meaning that this is just the tip of the villain iceberg.

This massive villain count could be the “big guns” Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck want for their Batman film in a rumor from the Birth.Movies.Death.. The report indicates that DC wants the next Batman film to be the “ultimate” Batman story. What better way to tell the ultimate Batman story than by having him fight against all his greatest enemies in a single movie?

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