Head to Florida if You Want to Visit Mars (in Augmented Reality)

by Kastalia Medrano

The breathtaking imagery of Mars, which has been captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover since it landed on the planet in August 2012, is now getting the augmented reality treatment.

Destination: Mars,” which opened to the public at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Monday, will allow guests to take an interactive, holographic tour of the cold, dusty, red planet.

A partnership between NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, “Destination: Mars” uses the HoloLens mixed-reality headset, meaning virtual and physical elements are grafted onto one another to create a strikingly detailed user experience. In the new exhibit, the public will have access to the same quality of Martian imagery that NASA’s scientists and astronauts do.

Buzz Aldrin ... on Mars!


A holographic Erisa Hines, one of the Curiosity drivers at NASA’S JPL, accompanies guests their own personal Mars journey. You also get holographic Buzz Aldrin as a tour guide.

“Destination: Mars” is open now through January 1, 2017.

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