Video of Samsung Galaxy S7 Exploding Surfaces

A whole lot of smoke.

The Sun / YouTube

An exploding Samsung Galaxy S7 has been caught on video.

Security footage from the brilliantly named Hold The Anchovies restaurant in the United Kingdom shows a woman’s phone catch on fire while she eats. The flaming Galaxy S7 surrounds the table with smoke before it’s extinguished. Damage appears to have been minimal, but the episode still spells trouble for Samsung, as it’s just the latest of the company’s phones to burst into flames.

Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 on September 2 after reports surfaced that the device explodes when it’s turned on or plugged in.

It’s not much of an explosion — it looks more like smoke used in a community theater production — but it highlights the danger posed by these combustible phones. That’s why the Federal Aviation Administration has told people not to use the Galaxy Note 7 on flights while many other agencies have followed suit.

Here’s the CCTV footage showing exactly what it looks like when that happens:

Now it seems the problem isn’t limited to the Galaxy Note 7. So if you have a Samsung device, regardless of whether it’s a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy Note 7, now might be a good time to make sure it’s not sitting next to anything flammable.

A picture of the video's aftermath.

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