Turns Out Joker Isn’t In 'Justice League' After All


The DCEU rumor mill was hard at work this week, spinning out stories alleging that Jared Leto’s Joker would appear in the upcoming Justice League film. Sorry to disappoint fans of Leto’s antics, but the Joker won’t be making a cameo in the Warner Bros. project.

A travel guide website for Iceland, Visit Westfjords, stated that Djúpavík village (which has a whopping year-round population of 2 people) would be the main filming location in Iceland for the Justice League film and crew. After packing up their equipment from filming in London — where Jared Leto was spotted skulking around — they headed to, yes, Iceland.

In the middle of a long list of actors involved in the film — including Julian Lewis Jones, who’s rumored to be playing Steppenwolf — was Leto. Due to relatively widespread disappointment over producers cutting a decent amount of Leto’s scenes in August’s Suicide Squad, a lot of people got excited online.

Journalist Umberto Gonzalez took to Twitter to dash “DC fanboy” dreams, though, not long after the rumors started swinging. Gonzalez, who works for The Wrap, says there are absolutely no plans for the Joker to show up in Justice League.

We assume we could have expected to see a pretty badass team-up between Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor and Leto’s Joker, especially with their backgrounds at Arkham Asylum in the DCEU. It would have been the classic “the archenemy of my archenemy’s friend is my friend” scenario. But, let’s face it, with Luthor, Steppenwolf, and possibly Deathstroke now in the mix, adding another egomaniac to the cast isn’t the best idea.

Even if he had just been a background character once again, it still would have been too much. Thoroughly introducing several of the Justice League members is going to be difficult enough without adding a background story for Leto.

We should be thankful.


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