Why Darth Vader Should Be Living in a Castle in 'Rogue One'


In addition to having a bespoke TIE Fighter, a fly set of robes, and a personal meditation chamber, Darth Vader also has a castle where he hangs his cape in the Star Wars universe. And now, speculation about Lord Vader’s “Bast Castle” maybe appearing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have surfaced. Here’s why we hope it happens.

So far, trailers for Rogue One have shown a brief look at Lord Vader (much to our excitement) but producer Kathleen Kennedy and director Gareth Edwards haven’t given us much to go on. Mike Zeroh on YouTube posted a video exploring the concept of Vader’s castle in Rogue One and clearly agrees that the lack of firm clues leaves Vader’s role up for some fun speculation.

When he’s not stalking around the Death Star, abusing commanding officers, and strangling Stormtroopers, the iconic Star Wars hero-turned-villain-turned-hero spends his time training and meditating on the planet Vjun, an acid rain-soaked wasteland featured in several Star Wars novels.

Concept art for Bast Castle from 'The Empire Strikes Back'


It’s important to note that the castle is never technically featured in the original films (making it not 100 percent canon), but concept art for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi shows sketches by Ralph McQuarrie for a Darth Vader castle. Could Rogue One finally bring Bast Castle to light? What better place could there be for good ol’ Darth to store his helmet polish or try (and fail) to get a hold on his anger issue? A castle is just what an iconic villain such as Darth Vader needs. Besides, every other Disney villain has one, and we shouldn’t leave the Chosen One out.

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