Y-Wings will Bomb Imperials on Scarif in 'Rogue One'

We’ve known that the classic Rebel X-Wing fighter and the brand spanking new U-Wing transport gunship would be the go-to craft for fighting the Empire in Rogue One, and now we can add another classic Star Wars spacecraft to that list: the Y-Wing.

Hasbro has been slowly teasing out looks at their Rogue One toys ahead of the “Rogue Friday” release event planned for September 30, which is this year’s version of last year’s glorious Star Wars Force Friday toy dump. And while the action figures so far have mostly been the bite-size plastic equivalent to the looks of the characters, ships, and locations we’ve seen in the Rogue One trailers, some of them offer up details we haven’t seen before.

Case in point: A Hasbro official Rogue One product guide that has been making the rounds on Reddit. The pages are replete with all the Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso figures we’d love to get our greedy little hands on, but it also features a look at some new Rogue One Micro Machines. Remember those? They’re the mini-toy versions of cars and trucks and things that go in real life, except they’re also the mini-toy versions of spacecraft from Star Wars.

The Y-Wings are back!


In a line of Micro Machines under an “Attack on Scarif” banner, the product guide reveals that the Y-Wings will be there fighting the TIE Strikers in the Rebel battle on Scarif, the tropical beach planet where we assume large portions of the Death Star will be manufactured before being shipped off into space for total planetary destruction.

There’s also a nifty black and white X-Wing we haven’t seen before. But as for the Y-Wing, it’s our first look at this Rebel bomber taking part in the Scarif battle.

An X-Wing docked in a Rebel base. 

So far we’d only seen the return of the X-Wing and the introduction of the U-Wing, so it’s great to see this classic Star Wars ship return to wreak some havoc on the Empire once again. Perhaps we’ll get to see a squadron of Y-Wings take out a few AT-ACTs?

Oh, hello U-Wing.

We’ll have to wait until December 16, when Rogue One hits theaters, to find out.

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