5 Things to Note in the 'Black Sails' Season 4 Trailer

A new 'Black Sails' teaser is here and although it's short, it paints an intriguing picture. 


Our first sneak peek at Black Sails Season 4 is here. It’s a lean 30 seconds, but it packs in some tantalizing teases. An ominous, unrecognizable voiceover — perhaps from a new character, or maybe the series is introducing adult Jim Hawkins reflecting — says, “There isn’t a good man among them, not anymore.”

Season 3 ended with our (anti-)heroes in dire straights: The English are temporarily defeated, but Woodes Rogers still controls Nassau with Eleanor by his side. Meanwhile, the Spanish haven’t forgotten about their gold while Jack and Blackbeard want revenge for Charles Vane’s death. James McGraw is gone forever, as is the impish con man John Silver. In their places are Flint and Long John Silver, who looks more than ready to embrace his newfound darkness. Poor Max and Idelle are caught between sides, and Billy is fighting for Nassau’s soul. **

Here are the five most noteworthy things to look for in the trailer:

1. Flint in his pirate-ninja getup

Although not the official term for the black cloth Flint favors as a disguise, we know when he wears it, shit is about to go down. We saw it when first meeting him in Season 1 and again in Season 3, Episode 8’s astonishingly excellent chase sequence. When Flint suits up, he means business.

2. Long John Silver with his crutch

We know from Treasure Island that Silver eventually has to lose more of his leg and adapt to life with a crutch. In Season 3, he stubbornly refused, not wanting to appear weak. The doctor warned he might lose more of his leg — it looks like that may happen sooner rather than later. All hail the rise of Long John Silver.

3. Eleanor at the fort

The fort seems like an odd choice of headquarters, considering the fact that when we last saw it, it was being blown up to help aid Charles Vane’s escape in Season 3, Episode 4. There’s also the fact that Eleanor’s father died in it, and it has an association with Vane. Curiously, it looks like Eleanor isn’t done with the fort. Hmm.

3. Blackbeard back in action

In the Season 3 finale, Blackbeard said of Vane’s death: “He thought he could do it and face no consequences. He failed to account for me.” The “he” was Woodes Rogers, because even though Eleanor gave the order, Blackbeard would happily bring Rogers down, too. He just wants to watch the world burn. It’s safe to say that in Season 4, we’ll likely see how Blackbeard settles his accounts.

4. Rogers in the shadows

One of the unexpected delights in Season 3 was the battle of wits between Rogers and Rackham. It’s likely not over, as Rogers still wants Rackham for the gold and Rackham wants to kill Eleanor, who Rogers has now sworn to defend. Could Rogers be on his way to visit Rackham once more in another subterranean cell?

5. A mysterious dead person mysteriously being dragged across sand

It’s no secret that Season 4 will feature a lot of death. Each season has added to the body count: Season 1 killed Gates, Season 2 knocked off both Miranda and Mr. Gutherie, and Season 3 axed Charles Vane, Mr. Scott, Hornigold, and Dufresne. By that logic, we can expect five or six characters to bite it this season. Whoever this arm belongs to might simply be unconscious, but he’s probably dead. Dragging them across the sand is most ominous — why aren’t they simply being shot or hung? What fate could befall the owner of this arm?

Watch the whole trailer below. Season 4 will raise the black one final time in January on Starz.

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