Kate Beckinsale Explains Her Magical Blood in 'Underworld'

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We already know that Selene’s blood is a major plot-point in Underworld: Blood Wars, but what does that mean exactly? Yesterday, Kate Beckinsale herself gave us some clues about how Selene’s veins figure into the plot of the upcoming vampire flick.

In a recent Q&A, Kate Beckinsale mentioned that Selene’s new powers and abilities come courtesy of her “magical Corvinus blood.”

At the end of the last movie —Underworld: Evolution — we saw Alexander Covinus give his blood to Selene just before he died, an act that imbued Selene with some as-yet-undefined next level vamp magic. Beckinsale explains that in Blood Wars, we’re going to see those new abilities on full display with more battles between Selene and the Lycans.

“All sorts of interesting blood things happen to Selene because she’s got this kind of magical Covinus blood, so she gets extra cool powers.”

Blood Wars finds the Lycans with a new leader at the helm and with a fighting force that’s on the move with an increased presence of female Lychens on the front lines.

As the Lycans threat grows stronger, the vampires are going to need a little something extra to meet them head-on, and that’s where it sounds like Selene’s blood comes in. We heard in the trailer yesterday that “Selene’s blood is the key, but now we know why: Convinus blood provides the vamp boost that Team Bloodsucker needs to come out on top.

It’s not just new blood that’s going to shake up the status quo in the Underworld, though. Beckinsale says that we’re also going to see more swords, axes and Medieval weapons this time around. And while Selene’s costume is mostly the same, we’re going to see some new coats, new hair and some sweet motorbike action in Blood Wars.

Underworld: Blood Wars arrives in theaters January 6, 2017.

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