Syfy's 'Van Helsing' Will Feature Vampires We've Never Seen 

The upcoming Syfy series just dropped a ton of new vampiric details.


Van Helsing may be the most old-school vampire hunter ever, but the new Syfy show will feature a completely new take on the blood-sucking beasts.

September 23 marks the premiere of Syfy’s new show Van Helsing — a modern take on Dracula’s legendary oddball character in the form of Vanessa Van Helsing, who proves to be humanity’s best shot in the face of a vampire-fueled apocalypse. In a new look at Season 1 of Van Helsing, we get a glimpse at some of the brand new vampires coming in the series, which looks to have a slightly different take on traditional vampire lore.

A key component of the series is Van Helsing’s super special blood, which can turn vampires back into humans. But these aren’t your average vampires. Kelly Overton (who plays Van Helsing) explains that there are several types of vampires, among them “ancients” and “ferals.” Ancients have been around a long time and have adapted to human ways of life, where ferals have fed largely on the blood of animals and have taken on some animalistic traits as a result. There are even more types of vampires to look forward to, but this look gives us a first taste.

The video also shows us that natural disasters are going to play a big part in the series, as is the central themes of trust and survival. After waking up from a five-year coma, Van Helsing is going to find herself having to adjust to life post-apocalypse pretty damn quickly. And in Overton’s own words, “Resurrection is a bitch.”

Considering the storied history of the Bram Stoker’s iconic Van Helsing on-screen, from Peter Cushing’s influential rendering to Anthony Hopkins’s lunatic nutball version, we’re looking forward to seeing what the Syfy series brings to the rich Van Helsing tapestry.

Van Helsing premieres on September 23 at 10 EST on Syfy.

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