Miss Peregrine Explains Her Peculiar Time-Loop Powers


Two new clips continue to prove that Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is filled to the brim with fantastical powers and topsy-turvey time loops.

Based on the beloved books by Ransom Riggs, and directed by Tim Burton, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is under a little bit of pressure to honor the aesthetics of the source material, while being an accessible fun movie at the same time. And right now, these new glimpses into this half sci-fi, half fantasy world are hitting all the right marks.

In the first clip, Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) reveals that, though she can totally turn into a bird, her main thing is about manipulating time. “We choose a safe place, a safe day and create a loop,” she tells Asa Butterfield’s Jake. She and the children under her watch then live within that loop, which is reset every 24 hours. We can only imagine that this time loop has some serious consequences. Time very rarely cooperates with those who play around with it, and the second clip proves that the time loop doesn’t always keep the children safe.

Safe from what? Enter: Samuel L. Jackson as Barron, a razor-toothed, white-eyed monster of a man who seems hellbent on taking advantage of the Peculiars’ powers. “Death for your beloved Jake and Miss Peregrine,” Barron mocks Elle Purnell’s Emma as she holds him back with powers of air manipulation, “and everlasting life for me!”

We can only hope that Jake, Emma and Miss Peregrine will escape unscathed and continue to live in peace. Either way, it seems we can truly expect something magical from Tim Burton on September 30 when Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children premieres in theaters.

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