We'll Finally See the 2nd Doctor's Lost 'Doctor Who' Trials


On November 5, the long-lost inaugural adventure of Patrick Troughton’s turn on Doctor Who — “The Power of the Daleks” — will be given new life as an animated film. The six-episode story arc pitted the time-trotting Galifreyan hero against a trio of the mutant-cyborg Daleks who are readily convincing an entire colony that they’re just a group of friendly robots, eager to serve.

As the Second Doctor scrambles to discover the sinister plot at the heart of the Dalek’s newfound benevolence, his companions Ben and Polly struggle to make sense of something never before depicted in Doctor Who: a regeneration.

Originally released in 1966, the master tapes and various copies of The Power of the Daleks were either wiped or destroyed within a decade of their original air date. Reasons for its disappearance aside , The Power of the Daleks remains one of the most sought-after adventures in the series.

Now, this new animated version will attempt to reconstruct this the lost adventure in chilling black and white. Rendered in stunning cell-shaded animation (think Archer), The Power of the Daleks promises nearly three hours of intrigue on the planet Vulcan, which is oddly not related to the Star Trek planet of the same name.

The new, reimagined, animated version of “The Power of the Daleks” returns, complete with creepy Dalek voices, on November 5.

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