Nest's Home Security Cameras Capture Some Unbelievable Scenes

Literally, in some cases. 


Nest, the smart thermostat and home security system, shared a bunch of videos that capture the Internet of Things turning into the Internet of Things Going Horribly Wrong.

One of the products in Nest’s line of smart home accessories are outdoor security cameras that can stream live footage of your front yard to your iPhone. On Tuesday afternoon, Nest uploaded a series of the craziest scenes its cameras had recorded to its YouTube channel. The videos don’t give any information about the clips beyond a pithy title and the series name “Mystery solved.” Some of them are amazing.

Sadly, not every clip is real. A representative for Nest told Inverse that “most of the videos are real, user-submitted videos.” However, three of them were staged for an upcoming ad campaign promoting Nest Cam Outdoor. The rep noted that the staged videos were still filmed using the Nest Cam, even if the events were somewhat phony.

The video of this runaway car driving straight into a pool is indeed too good to be true.

But this lightning strike is authentic.

This lawnmower mayhem is also staged.

This cool bear who just wants some bird seed is the real deal, though.

You can check out the rest of Nest’s videos here.

The existence of faked videos makes it a little harder to appreciate the real ones, but consider this: If enough people get smart home security cameras, then odds are a real car will eventually careen into a backyard pool and it’ll be caught on tape for our viewing pleasure.

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