How to Watch Sony's PlayStation Press Conference on September 7

PlayStation Neo and Playstation Slim go public.

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At 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Sony will hold its “PlayStation Meeting” to introduce the Playstation Neo and the Playstation Slim, two upgraded models of its generation-dominating console.

How to Watch

Visit to witness the event live from the Playstation Theater in New York. You can also watch on the Playstation Twitch channel, and Playstation’s YouTube.

What to Expect

The show’s draw is the Playstation 4 Neo, Sony’s entry into the 4K video market. Boasting 1080p resolution won’t be the gold standard much longer, as the PS4 Neo has been confirmed to support 4K resolution. Essentially, that means that the PS4 Neo may support 2160p and 120 frames per second for some titles.

The console’s amped up processor will also allow for fewer frame drops and an all-around smoother gaming experience. The console will also tout improved high definition graphics as the Blu-ray player is upgraded to Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Essentially, most rumored specs have the PS4 Neo clocking in at about three times the power of the Playstation 4. While the technical advantage still might be going to Microsoft’s 4K machine, tech just might be the only advantage Microsoft has.

Also expected to make its debut, thePlaystation 4 Slim, which most rumors indicate will be technically on par with the original Playstation 4 just, you know, slimmer.

PS4 Daily

There might also be a power button, so there’s that:

PS4 Daily

While Sony also has a VR headset that comes out on October 13, the expectation is that this year’s Playstation Meeting will focus more heavily on the company’s two new consoles more than its venture into the VR space. We’ll see when Sony enters the 4K market on Wednesday.

Sony will have new console competition next holiday season, too: At E3 in June, Microsoft announced it was developing Project Scorpio, billed as the “most powerful console ever.” It’s slated for a “holiday 2017” release, giving the new PlayStation console’s a year’s head-start.

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