'Alien: Covenant’ Heard You Like Some Horror in Your Sci-Fi 


Lead by cheerleader Michael Fassbender, the hype machine of Alien: Covenant is ready to convince you that the next Ridley Scott project is just as much of a jumpy horror flick as it is a sci-fi epic.

Just like an alien popping out of your chest, quotes from Michael Fassbender, have resurfaced on the internet this week, proclaiming that the newest entry in the franchise will seamlessly marry the philosophical ambition of Prometheus with the shit-your-pants terror of the original Alien. On the surface, Fassbender’s words are exciting. After all, he maintains that Alien: Covenant will be, “much scarier than Prometheus,” which is great news for those who found Ridley Scott’s 2012 outing a little too think-y.

While fans get pumped for more xenomorph scares, they’re overlooking the oft repeated assertion that Covenant will retain the same scope as Prometheus. This chimera seems like a contradiction: a film within the tiny confines of the original Alien but somehow is an epic battle across the the stars, too? In other words, Ridley Scott wants to keep playing with his inscrutable alien-human evolution ideas, and he’s willing to do whatever the Hell it takes to make sure that he can continue going all Terrence Malick on the franchise.

So, you want a bizarre cast of popular actors who probably have no business being anywhere near a xenomorph? You got it. You want jump scares? You got ‘em. Just remember, Ridley Scott isn’t promising that you’ll understand why you’re terrified. Only that you will be terrified.

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