Darth Vader Makes 'Fallout 4' Dope as Hell

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to huffily making all the decisions a good guy would make.

One of the most popular PC mods for Fallout 4 has come to the console. You can now transform yourself into Darth Vader… and it’s a pitch perfect complement to Fallout 4’s revamped sense of morality.

The Absence of Bad

In Fallout 3 and it’s counterpart, New Vegas, you could be a real son of a bitch. Those titles used a karma system that had a subtle, yet distinct impact on gameplay. Your moment-to-moment behavior determined which missions were open to you, which settlements would do business with you, and which companions would follow you into battle. Even characters who were integral to the plot would interact with the player based on their general demeanor.

Fallout 4 chose to do away with the karma system; with it went most of the variations on in-game characters reactions to your behavior. In other words, while Fallout 4 still lets the player engage in some really selfish behavior, that behavior has zero impact on the way others treat you. You can sell a kid into slavery, but Preston Garvey will still think you’re the tops. At the end of the day, you’ll still be the world-saving hero, whether you’re into that or not.

Enter the Dark Side

Who better to encapsulate that sense of incapable villainy than Darth Vader, the man who simply couldn’t help but do good. Did he slaughter some younglings? Hell yeah, he did, but it didn’t stop the elder Skywalker from ultimately saving the Universe by tossing a geriatric down an elevator shaft. Try as he might, Anakin Skywalker can never completely give himself up to the Dark Side. He might dabble, but when it comes down to it, his Imperial kill count is much higher than his Rebel one.

Now, thanks to two extremely well done mods from invalidfate, you too can strap on the Dark Lord’s cape, take up his lightsaber and ultimately turn the Commonwealth into a safer, more peaceful world.

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