Keanu Reeves is Poised for a Sci-Fi Comeback With ‘Replicas'

Keanu Reeves is about to re-hit the indie sci-fi movie scene with Replicas.

It’s been 13 years since we last saw The One onscreen in The Matrix: Revolutions, but it was only a matter of time before the man who was Neo got back in the science fiction action. He’s currently in Puerto Rico filming Replicas, which just might have the juice to get Keanu back on top of the nerd pyramid once again.

According to multiple reports, Reeves is set to star as Will Foster, a scientist-y smart fella who is hell bent on bringing his deceased family — including his wife played by Alice Eve — back from the grave. Plot synopses have Reeves taking on a “government-controlled laboratory, a police task force and the physical laws of science to get what he wants. It may not sound like the most original of stories, but Reeves has a solid history in the genre playing an everyman who is way in over his head.

'Chain Reaction', anyone?


The film has been a long-term project for Reeves — he signed on way back in 2014, but Variety indicates that the film stalled after that announcement because it failed to get funding. Thanks to an international partnership between distributor Lotus Entertainment and co-financiers Riverstone Pictures, Remstar Studios, Blue Rider, and Di Bonaventura Pictures, Replicas got a second lease on life this year.

The sheer number of production companies involved may sound like cause for alarm, but don’t panic yet. Reeves’s 2014 action hit John Wick was also produced and financed by four separate studios, too. Who cares how many people it took to get the film going; the premise is solid, and Reeves knows his genre stuff.

Keep an eye out for Replicas when it hits theaters in 2017.

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