Why Lucasfilm Shut Down this 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Mod

For gaming fans of Star Wars: Battlefront the “Galaxy in Turmoil” mod brought some old-school magic back; but now, after problems with the Star Wars canon, Lucasfilm has shut it down.

The powers that be at Disney/Lucasfilm and the game’s publisher, Electronic Arts have decided that indie-developer Frontwire’s mod “Galaxy in Turmoil” can no longer continue. Initially, Frontwire was being encouraged by EA to create the mod, but because of legal issues – concerning that which was being modified – Frontwire is being forced to make a different plan.

The conundrum comes down to general Star Wars canonicity versus specific Battlefront canonicity. While EA actively encourages mods of its existing games, “Galaxy in Turmoil” modifies the way the Star Wars proprieties are being used inside of that game. “It’s a lot easier for us to make decisions for brands that we fully own,” EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund told Game Informer, “When it comes to something as big and well-known as Star Wars, there are so many other parts that come into play.”

At present, Frontwire says they are “working around the clock,” to release the new “Galaxy in Turmoil.”

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