'Zoom', A Sexier, Punchier 'Cool World', Stars Allison Pill

Sex dolls, comics, and Tyler Labine: this girl's life looks perfect until she finds drugs that don't belong to her.

Director Pedro Morelli just dropped a trailer for his Canadian-Brazilian film Zoom, which premiered last fall at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. Allison Pill (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Hail, Caesar!) plays a cartoonist and sex doll-maker who discovers that her imagined comic book hero (Gael Garcia Bernal) is actually aware of his creator, in an unclear meta sort of way. She gets upset and erases his penis in one panel, and he’s pissed about the change.

On another level, Zoom seems to be about Emma (Allison Pill) and her boyfriend Tyler Labine (Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, Deadbeat) haphazardly getting involved with a drug trade that ultimately involves gunfire and a helicopter. The film has been compared to Cool World, American Splendor, and Stranger Than Fiction, and it appears to be a punchier, more youthful combination of the three, with some sensuality sprinkled over top for flavor. All in all, we’re sold.

Zoom will hit American theaters on a limited basis on September 2.