7 Highlights from 'Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV'

Taking a look at the first three episodes of the anime series that proceeds the upcoming game.


Square Enix is not being shy about making sure that everyone knows this Final Fantasy is going to be good. The company is releasing a feature-length film this month and it’s also in the midst of releasing episodes for Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, which dips into the history of the four friends, their journey to see Luna, and the dangers that befall them.

So far the series is on episode three, with two more episodes to be released before the game is out September 30. Here are some highlights and moments from each.

The enemy

Getting another glimpse at the robotic Niflheim army that the group is running from while they’re on the road.

Noctis’s cat naps

In every episode so far and through both demos of the game, one of Noctis’s quirks seems to be that he loves to sleep. He’s grumpy in the morning, napping in the car, and heaving himself out of bed last. This pretty boy prince is definitely turning himself into Sleeping Beauty.

The possible fate of Noctis’s mom

We’ve seen plenty of the father in the trailers, the upcoming movie, and now in the anime, but we’ve never seen where Noctis’s mother was. And the answer is maybe within the first couple of the minutes of the first episode where a woman with dark hair, now dead after an attack from a naga-like creature, is sprawled over top of Noctis, protecting him. And with the way that he reacts when seeing that same monster years later leads me to believe that he’s not just upset about almost dying, but royally pissed that it killed his mother.

Noct and Prompto as kids

As we learn in episode two, Noctis likes to hang out at construction sites alone and Prompto eats McDonald’s every day. The start of their friendship is unconventional, cute, and caused by Prompto’s kindness toward a little puppy.

So many cute animals!

There is an overload of cuteness in this episode because Prompto is an avid animal lover, taking dozens of pictures of dogs and cats, and even swerving their car off of the road to help a small little pup heal up his leg.

Big brother Gladdy

Gladiolus is Noctis’s shield, protecting him and teaching him how to fight. He’s almost like a big brother to him – and seeing this episode, we know where he gets the practice. He’s a protective and loving older brother to sweet little Iris that has a love for catsv.

Badass fighting

The first and third episodes give us insight into Noctis and Gladiolus as well as treats us with some pretty cool fighting and teamwork between the four men. There’s plenty of hacking, shooting, and warp techniques to get us excited for the upcoming game.

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