How to Build and Fuel Your Hyperdrive in 'No Man's Sky'

Warp Cells, Antimatter, and everything between.

Eric Francisco

In the vast galaxy within Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, travel is survival. Fueling your ship to get from planet to planet is hard enough, but eventually, you’ll need to travel to whole new star systems. And that’s a much more exhausting effort.

Once you’ve fixed and gassed up your starship, and you’re familiar with mining resources — not to mention watching out for Sentinels — you’re soon challenged to build your ship’s Hyperdrive to jump to a new star system. If you’re a little lost in getting necessary ingredients — like antimatter — then fret not. Here’s how all of that works.

Creating the Hyperdrive

Everyone’s journey will differ (and some pre-order copies will have ships that already contain a Hyperdrive), but eventually, you’re tasked with traveling to a planet and visiting an alien outpost. When you meet your first alien, the right one will provide you with blueprints (also termed “recipe” in other guides and in-game) to build the Hyperdrive.

There are two things you need to obtain: 200 Heridium, and 1 Dynamic Resonator. Heridium is easy to find (check out our guide here), but Dynamic Resonators less so. Still, don’t panic. Simply travel to the nearest space station — the one floating in actual space, not on a planet — and buy one from the galactic market.

Once you’ve obtained 200 Heridium and a Dynamic Resonator, transfer them to your starship’s inventory. You’ll then be able to build the Hyperdrive. Congrats! You did it! Now you need to fuel it, and that’s a little more complicated.

Fueling the Hyperdrive

Hyperdrives are intense pieces of machinery that require quite a lot of mining and patience to build — and if you want a full tank, you’ll have to do all of the following several times. Still, if you know where to look, it’s a piece of cake.

To partially fuel the Hyperdrive, you need: 1 Warp Cell, which you can craft. It’s harder than you think, because to build a Warp Cell you need 100 Thamium9 and 1 Antimatter, which has its own complicated formula.

To craft Antimatter, you’ll need: 50 Heridium, 20 Zinc, and 1 Electron Vapor. However, you can’t build Antimatter until after you’ve already fueled the Hyperdrive. Confused? I was too.

Some explorers might luck out and find Antimatter from the same planet they obtain the Hyperdrive blueprints. Fortunately, you can still just head up to a space station and purchase one from the market. Be sure to check the second and third pages, because, if you’re like me, you might have up until now had no idea there were more than one page in the catalog.

Later, when you’re conveniently allowed to build Antimatter yourself, you’ll have to use the aforementioned formula. Getting Heridium and Zinc are easy — once again, [see our guide]( — but to craft Electron Vapors, you’ll need 100 Plutonium and 1 Suspension Fluid. Suspension Fluid can be purchased at, you guessed it, space stations. Don’t forget to keep your ship properly fueled, because you’ll need it to fly back and fourth between stations and planets.

After that, thought? The stars are just waiting for you. Welcome to No Man’s Sky.

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