This 'Arrival' Teaser Shows Denis Villeneuve's Heady Alien Invasion

The 'Sicario' director's new movie, ahead of 'Blade Runner 2,' will rope in fans of 'Close Encounters' or 'Contact.'

Jan Thijs/Paramount Pictures

French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve is on the verge of his biggest moves to date, after proving that he could deliver a zeitgeist multiplex hit with Sicario this past October. Now, he’s going the route of the sci-fi thriller, with Blade Runner 2 supposedly in the pipeline for late next year, and for this fall, a new alien-occupation slow burner — seemingly for fans of turn-of-the-millennium-reminiscent speculative epics like Midnight Special and Interstellar.

In the film, Amy Adams plays a “language specialist” who is assigned to helm communication with an alien race, hovering near the Earth in egg-shaped ships. Do they come in peace? Jeremy Renner — who plays some kind of alien-math expert — believes Adams is the only one who can figure out how to communicate with them most effectively, and prevent — we can assume — the apocalypse, ET-run world dictatorship, etc.

Watch the teaser (the trailer for the full-length one coming on the 11th) below.

The film is a liberal adaptation of Ted Chiang’s heady, psuedo-scientific 2000 short story (again, shades of pre-Y2K fare like Contact here) called The Story of Your Life. The award-winning story deals with aliens with a complex mode of communication which affects their view of time, space, and other things. In science, the preferred term is “linguistic relativity.”

Jeremy Renner in 'Arrival'

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It’s heady fare, and it will be fascinating to see how a director like Villeneuve makes this Hollywood-palpable, and whether he manages to make it a little more comprehensible than Interstellar. Sicario was a beautiful film — if a little one-dimensional otherwise — and it will be fascinating to see if Villeneuve can take his career to the next level with this intriguing, nu-Close Encounters blockbuster.

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